Stories of Harm

Amber is silent no longer

Today’s story of harm comes from Amber Smith. We are so lucky to have people like she, who notice harm, research and then prevent any further harm in their children. Brave people, like Amber, are also willing to share what brought them to their decision and tell their cautionary tale.

Before and during her first pregnancy, Amber was like most of us. She didn’t think much about vaccines. We, as adults, are so rarely vaccinated. Unless you partake of the annual flu vaccine you are rarely likely to be pressured into vaccines past the age of 20 or so. Strange how works, when that it is around the time most vaccines will stop giving you immunity to anything you were vaccinated for as an infant or toddler.
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Amber gave birth to a healthy baby boy and had yet to do much research but her instincts told her to put off the HepB vaccine. Her baby was growing well, healthy and having no issues for 2 full months. Like most dutiful parents, she brought her son into the pediatrician for a wellness check up. He was meeting the goals for his age. Her instincts again were cautioning her to say no to the vaccines, but they weren’t strong enough to allow her to resist against a convincing doctor. That day her son left having received 4 shots containing 6 total vaccines. These were common ones for 2 months, DTAP, HiB, PCV and Rotavirus.

Changes in her son started almost immediately. First came the high fevers and lethargy. These lasted around a week. They were followed by her son losing his appetite and becoming increasingly irritable. It is heartbreaking to every parent to not be able to console your child and no matter what she and her husband did, nothing seemed to work to calm him or bring him back to the happy baby from just a few short weeks before. She knew in her heart that these things weren’t normal, no matter what the doctor claimed. Common and normal are not interchangeable. He wasn’t this way before the vaccines. She started her research and hasn’t looked back nor vaccinated her son again. Without receiving a single other vaccine her son still suffered from three ear infections, colic, acid reflux, gastrointestinal issues and more over the next 7 months.
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Fortunately, our story of harm seems to have a happier ending today. Amber’s son is 3 now and has made it back to being a healthy and happy toddler through work and research. So many don’t have this joyous fortune and luckiest of all is her son. He will be able to have a strong, natural immune system with a mom who is not afraid to stand her ground any longer. Amber speaks out now for her son and to help any others with ears to hear or eyes to read to not start down this path her son suffered through. Her doctor didn’t warn her of the injuries her son would get. When confronted he called the conditions “normal”. Again, something commonly happening after a vaccine doesn’t make it normal in a healthy baby.

She speaks out for those too fearful to use their voice. She speaks out to give the warning 98% of doctors will not give. She knows people deserve the facts about vaccines. We aren’t getting those facts from the vast majority of the medical community.
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We at Vaccine Memes are so thankful for parents like Amber. She, like so many others fight for her children and your children. She like most feel the guilt from not following her mother’s intuition and saying no to those vaccines that injured her son. Now she, like so very many, will never be silenced and never submit to something against her better judgment again. Let her son’s story caution you, but also give hope. Some may read it and have it kick-start their research before pregnancy or while pregnant. If it prevents just one baby from suffering it is worth telling and spreading.

If you have your own tale of vaccine harm in you, your children or close family and want Vaccine Memes to help you spread the word please reach out. We are happy to help any way we can.

-Vaccine Memes


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