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Flarend Aluminum Study 1997

Aluminum is the most abundant metal on earth. It is a known neurotoxin. It is found in vaccines in adjuvants.  Adjuvants, in this instance, are material used in vaccines to provoke a rapid immune response.  Without adjuvants, current vaccines would not work and offer very little to no immunity at all. Without these toxic adjuvants the immune system would not recognize the inert virus material as a threat and therefore no antibody response would occur.

Due to the known neurotoxic effect of Aluminum, studies have been done to test the possible concentration and harm that it could do in vaccines. In 1997 Richard E.FlarendStanley L.HemJoe L.WhiteDavidElmoreMark A.Suckow§Anita C.RudyEuphemie A.Dandashlidid a study, commonly known as the Flarend  study, on  injected Aluminium found in the adjuvants of primarily the 1997 schedule of 2 month vaccines (850mcg of two different adjuvants). These adjuvants were not the exact recipe of the vaccine but contained the exact types of Aluminum, Aluminium hydroxide (AH) and Aluminium phosphate (AP).  This experiment had surprising results and were not further studied after the finding.
This study used 2 adult New Zealand rabbits(Weight 9-12 pound) and they were injected at 340 mcg/kg which is slightly higher than the then recommended Aluminum amounts but not highly over. This was likely done due to adult rabbits having much better working kidneys than 2 month infant humans. They monitored the rabbits closely and found higher than normal aluminum in the blood only within the first 24 hours, with the highest reading being taken 10 hours after administration. After this point, the blood and urine level of the rabbits showed no elevation in Aluminum output. They continued this monitoring for 28 days in total.

On day 29 the rabbits were euthanized and dissected.  They found evidence that the Aluminum adjuvants had been carried throughout the body and were in every major organ, including the brain. The order of organs in receding amounts goes kidney(most) > spleen > liver > heart > lymph node > brain(least). They measured the amounts of aluminum and it was discovered that only 6% of  the AH was expelled and only 22% of the AP over the 28 days.
This study was not replicated.  This study goes in exact opposition of the common told theory of Aluminum in vaccines being eliminated within the body within a few days.

Info on this study is available but the study itself seems to be hard to find. Vaccine memes got this info from the following sites:,, and again  If you find the study itself  in pubmed or a similar medical site please contact us. We’d love to be able to include that as well.

This study is very concerning as there is now even higher amounts of aluminum given than in 1997.  Much further research should be done in this field to replicate these results or prove them faulty somehow. Without further study, we can only come to the conclusion that the aluminum in vaccines is staying for several months or longer in the bodies of tiny infants. As a known neurotoxin, Aluminum is more than capable of doing severe and long-term damage.

-Vaccine Memes


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